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Pediatric Clinical Psychologist & Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach

What to Expect

First Phone Call

In the first phone call, Dr. Neely will speak with you about your concerns. She will be making sure she has the right skill set for your needs. 

First Appointment

The first appointment is an hour and a half long session for parents where Dr. Neely will be taking a full history to learn more about what is going on and what has happened over time. There will be an ongoing conversation about goodness of fit along the way. 

Sessions 2,3 & 4

The next three sessions are for the child. Dr. Neely will be developing the therapeutic relationship, continuing her assessment, and beginning treatment. These are very flexible sessions designed to help your child feel safe and supported.

Session #5

The fifth session is another hour and a half long session for parents where Dr. Neely will provide you with the Whole Child Assessment Report. This report will explain her findings and recommendations for treatment. 

The Whole Child Assessment

This process has been developed to assess the many factors that can influence a child's behavior.  This analysis can create a sound foundation to the work, leading to more effective and efficient care.


From there, treatment will follow the plan outlined in the report. Dr. Neely will use the combination of techniques chosen for your child's specific needs. This can include play therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, parent coaching, mental health education, and other strategies. 

Learn More

This Miss Erin Doctor video explains how therapy begins with the Whole Child Assessment.