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Pediatric Clinical Psychologist & Certified Integrative Health Coach

Miss Erin Doctor on YouTube

I spend a lot of my day teaching children about a variety of mental health topics. It takes some creativity to keep the interest up long enough to get the information in. With these short educational animations, I get to combine my creative heart with my clinical knowledge. The name Miss Erin Doctor came from a young patient who had heard me referred to as both Miss Erin and Doctor Neely and solved the dilemma by calling me Miss Erin Doctor. I thought it was genius. 

You can find the Miss Erin Doctor channel on YouTube. 

Below are a few examples of my work. 

How to Stand up to Anxiety

I will frequently use this one when explaining the basics of anxiety management skills. 

My Favorite Self Care Technique: That's Not Mine

This is the most recent video. I use this one when working with children on self-esteem or when teaching the social skill of considering feedback. 

How to Treat Anxiety with Exposure and Response Prevention

This is my most watched video to date, just over 5k views!