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Pediatric Clinical Psychologist & Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach

Miss Erin Doctor on YouTube

I spend a lot of my day teaching children about a variety of mental health topics. It takes some creativity to keep the interest up long enough to get the information in. With these short educational animations, I get to combine my creative heart with my clinical knowledge. The name Miss Erin Doctor came from a young patient who had heard me referred to as both Miss Erin and Doctor Neely and solved the dilemma by calling me Miss Erin Doctor. I thought it was genius. 

You can find the Miss Erin Doctor channel on YouTube. 

Below are a few examples of my work. 

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How to Stand up to Anxiety

I will frequently use this one when explaining the basics of anxiety management skills. 

Breathing Technique #3: Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This is the most recent video. I use this one when working with children on self-regulation and body calming strategies.

How to Treat Anxiety with Exposure and Response Prevention

This is my most watched video to date, over 7,000 views!