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Pediatric Clinical Psychologist & Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach


How Can I Help You?


Dr. Neely specializes in helping children with:

Executive Skill Challenges

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Attachment Disruption

Sensory Processing Disorder

Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder


Selective Mutism


Parents often tell her:

"He's a great kid, but he doesn't know how to connect with other kids."

"Her fears are dictating what our family can do."

"The kids in his class either instigate or ignore him."

"I know better nutrition would help, but I can't get her to try new things."

"I want daily life to be easier for him. He goes from zero to sixty in a second." 


There is help.

Take a look around the website and when you feel like Dr. Erin Neely could be a good match for your family, give her a call. She would love to talk to you.