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Pediatric Clinical Psychologist & Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach

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Dr. Neely works primarily with elementary aged children who are experiencing anxiety, executive skill difficulties, social challenges, or attachment disruption. Dr. Neely's training would not be an appropriate match for children who have experienced trauma, significant familial conflict, self-harm, sexual concerns, significant oppositional behavior, or psychosis.

Update 6/25/19

Dr. Neely is now taking new clients with limited availability.

Insurance & Fees

Dr. Neely is not in-network with any insurance company. Patients pay her at the time of the visit then submit claims to their insurance company to get reimbursed according to their benefit. Beginning July 1, 2019, Dr. Neely's fee for new patients is $185 per hour. You are encouraged to contact your insurance company to learn about your out of network benefits.






370 Portsmouth Ave, #5

Greenland, NH 03840

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Dr. Neely's email address is erin@drerinneely.com

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